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About ME

Darryl Walker has been blessed with incredible talents. Since early childhood, when he could belt out “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” with the passion of Otis Redding, Darryl has grown into one of the most exceptional vocal talents in the music industry and has graced

some of the most notable venues and exclusive private events as well as premier Jazz and R&B concerts in the country.

In addition to his stunning vocal abilities, Darryl has also become known for his amazing talent on the saxophone.  Specializing in R&B, Pop, Blues, and Jazz, Darryl has lit up countless live shows and recording sessions with lead and background performances adding

vocals or horn for a bevy of record labels (Tabu, A&M, Motown, Mesa Blue Moon Records, Northern Blues, and Ripa Records) to name a few. 

Bilingual skills have garnered him the honor of being the vocalist of choice for the pre-production team of world-renowned Latin Superstar Luis Miguel.

Darryl’s an active voting member of the Recording Academy’s Los Angeles Chapter, and is also affiliated with AFTRA.  He’s backed guest stars on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and performed jingles for Dole, Pringles, Toyota, and Honey Nut Cheerios.

Darryl proudly Endorses/plays: 

Yamaha Custom Z (YTS 82ZII) Tenor Silver Plated Saxophones coupled with the V-1 Sterling Silver Neck and Vandoren V-16 T77 Gold Plated and AM Handmade Saxophone Mouthpieces.   Favorite Reeds: Vandoren V-16 Sizes 2 1/2 and/or 3.

Darryl also endorses ATM (Applied Microphone Technology) Wireless Saxophone Microphone Systems (Quantum 7 Series).

Vocal Microphone Preferences:

Shure Beta 87A (Wired/Wireless)

SHure Beta 58 (Wired/Wireless)

Shure  KSM-9 (Wired/Wireless THE MOST INCREDIBLBLY SOUNDING Condenser Vocal Microphone)!

Vocal Wireless Equipment:

Shure ULXD 4 Digital Receiver

Sure ULXD 2 Digital Hand Held Transmitter